Rd 2 – Proving our Bacon’s Worth


Rd 2 is here and The Putney Magpies are up against one of the League favourites, The West London Wildcats.

History would suggest that this will be an uphill battle from the start, however stranger things have happened in the world of AFL Footy!

Some years ago, The Putney Magpies came into their clash against the Cats as overwhelming under dogs, with the Magpies looking to get the match over and done with as quick as possible. But as the saying goes, “it’s a funny old game, footy” and as if the Earth was turned on its axis, the mighty Magpies stood up to the challenge and took down the Cats in an inspirational team effort.

This result is a treasured page in our history books and will be again drawn upon for inspiration in this weekend’s meet.

Lessons were learnt from Rd1’s efforts and the group has built on them. As the Magpies’ depth slowly increases with more lads keen on joining the sty, there are still a lot of unknowns.

But what is clear in any sport is this; the unknowns can be the turning point between a win and a loss, and this weekend will be no different. Our potential is unpredictable and that can be the defining key in dismantling a league favourite!

Get around the boys! Get amongst the team! Get ready for a hard slog that could potentially thrust us into Putney Magpie folklore!

#hotpies #putneymagpies #magpiesvscats #PUTvWL #AFL #London




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