Rd 3 – Road to Redemption


It’s the clash of the birds! The Putney Magpies travel to Shoreditch this weekend as Rd 3 gets underway against the London Swans.

This match up sees both teams coming off a fairly heavy loss in Rd 2 which would of provided a well needed wake up call!

The Swans – like the Hawks – are a side we know we can beat. Similar in nature, and speckled with talent, this match up will come down to belief and the desire to win. We are long overdue a ‘W’ and this is the weekend where the Magpies stand up and flex their muscle!

There will be strong battles in the middle and we will need to use the limited space well in order to get our big men slotting goals. Not only that, everyone will need to be wary of the potholes peppered on the ground. This will be true battle of wit and awareness!

Saturday will also mark the Swans’ Ladies Day which means there will be skirt all across Shoreditch Park and even more reason to show up guns blazing!

Both Socials and Prems will be at  Shoreditch Park, New North Road, London, N1 6TA.With the socials taking on the SE Giants from 11:30am and the Prems up against the Swans at 3pm.

For those that need a refresher – and a stark indicator of how confident we should be against these guys this weekend – here are the words to the (G rated) Putney Magpie song (in tune to Collingwood’s theme song – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chRE_oHWG9g )

“Good old Putney Pies forever,

We know how to play the game.

Side by side we stick together,

To uphold the Magpies name!

See the Piggies sinking tinnies, just like good pigs should!

Everyone gets a kick, at the Putney brotherhood!”

#hotpies #SWANSvMAGPIES #LONvPUT #eastsidepigs #wejoustonladiesday #porkswordsfordays


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