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Rd 3 – Road to Redemption


It’s the clash of the birds! The Putney Magpies travel to Shoreditch this weekend as Rd 3 gets underway against the London Swans.

This match up sees both teams coming off a fairly heavy loss in Rd 2 which would of provided a well needed wake up call!

The Swans – like the Hawks – are a side we know we can beat. Similar in nature, and speckled with talent, this match up will come down to belief and the desire to win. We are long overdue a ‘W’ and this is the weekend where the Magpies stand up and flex their muscle!

There will be strong battles in the middle and we will need to use the limited space well in order to get our big men slotting goals. Not only that, everyone will need to be wary of the potholes peppered on the ground. This will be true battle of wit and awareness!

Saturday will also mark the Swans’ Ladies Day which means there will be skirt all across Shoreditch Park and even more reason to show up guns blazing!

Both Socials and Prems will be at  Shoreditch Park, New North Road, London, N1 6TA.With the socials taking on the SE Giants from 11:30am and the Prems up against the Swans at 3pm.

For those that need a refresher – and a stark indicator of how confident we should be against these guys this weekend – here are the words to the (G rated) Putney Magpie song (in tune to Collingwood’s theme song – )

“Good old Putney Pies forever,

We know how to play the game.

Side by side we stick together,

To uphold the Magpies name!

See the Piggies sinking tinnies, just like good pigs should!

Everyone gets a kick, at the Putney brotherhood!”

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Rd 2 – Proving our Bacon’s Worth


Rd 2 is here and The Putney Magpies are up against one of the League favourites, The West London Wildcats.

History would suggest that this will be an uphill battle from the start, however stranger things have happened in the world of AFL Footy!

Some years ago, The Putney Magpies came into their clash against the Cats as overwhelming under dogs, with the Magpies looking to get the match over and done with as quick as possible. But as the saying goes, “it’s a funny old game, footy” and as if the Earth was turned on its axis, the mighty Magpies stood up to the challenge and took down the Cats in an inspirational team effort.

This result is a treasured page in our history books and will be again drawn upon for inspiration in this weekend’s meet.

Lessons were learnt from Rd1’s efforts and the group has built on them. As the Magpies’ depth slowly increases with more lads keen on joining the sty, there are still a lot of unknowns.

But what is clear in any sport is this; the unknowns can be the turning point between a win and a loss, and this weekend will be no different. Our potential is unpredictable and that can be the defining key in dismantling a league favourite!

Get around the boys! Get amongst the team! Get ready for a hard slog that could potentially thrust us into Putney Magpie folklore!

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Rd1 – The Rivalry Ignites for 2016!

Putney Squad

It’s here! Rd 1 of the 2016 season and the Putney Magpies face off with their fierce neighbouring rivals, the Wimbledon Hawks. With socials KO’ing from 1:30 this Saturday and Prems following straight after. The battle for Motspur Park will be a big one.

The history between these two clubs extends back to the creation of man – it’s even been said that there are cave drawings illustrating fierce battles between the Magpies and the Hawks!

Despite this lengthy history, you only need to look back to the previous season to know how big these battles are.

Rd 1 2015 saw these two titans collide with the Hawks ultimately walking away the victors. Home ground advantage aside, Putney found themselves on the back end of a ruthless attack; the Magpies continued to rally with the likes of ‘Dingo’ throwing everything at them…and the likes of ‘Tubs’ doing sweet F.A up front. In the end it wasn’t enough. The Hawks rubbed salt into the fresh wound with a win in the ever important post match boat race, and with that, the Magpies limped back to Putney.

Rd 6 had the Putney Magpies play the Wimbledon Hawks again – this time on Magpie soil. As if God Himself commanded it that way, the Magpies’ roster was bolstered dramatically; boys were coming out of the woodwork to don the Magpie colours!  Some say recruitment had pulled out all the stops to seek redemption for Rd1’s efforts. Others say that the allure of the rivalry was too tempting to resist! In reality, it was Putney’s Ladies Day and when the women come to watch (with free bubbly) then EVERY bloke wants a kick. Putney came out firing, battles in the middle, up front and in the back line were all hotly contested! This match was destined to go down to the wire from the outset. The final quarter struck and this was the moment where heroes were born, leaders were cemented in club history and the blokes on the boundary line were busy chatting up the sheilas!

The final minutes were counting down, Putney were down and needed a last ditch effort to trump the visitors. And it came! A strong contest out of the middle with a seamless passage of play from our centre halves forced the ball into the Hawks’ goal square and within seconds our forwards took it to the Wimbledon backs and slotted the winning goal!

The final whistle blew and the Putney Magpies had done it…the boys sealed a glorious win that would be celebrated long into the night. The cherry on top came with a win in the boat race. Needless to say, these games were probably the most enjoyable of the season; the passion, the rivalry and the pride all combine into what any keen footy player wants and lives for.

With some genuinely talented players in this year’s pig pen, we’ve got the belief that we can take it away from the Hawks and really contend for the flag. Get around the boys this Saturday as we march for Sir Johns Hood Playing Fields and ignite the rivalry for another year!

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Putney claim their first piece of silverware for 2016!

The Putney Magpies have reclaimed the TigerPig Trophy for 2016!

18 brave pigs traveled up to Newcastle on the 5th March in pursuit of a third straight title against the Tyne Tee Tigers. Speculation was high as to whether it will all go ahead, due to adverse weather conditions and the general state of the pitch, but the Pigs pressed on to Newcastle upon Tyne in search of silverware and debauchery!

Our preparation for the match was in true Putney Magpie fashion, hitting the pints and jager bombs hard on the Friday night with a level of excitement from the entire group that has rarely been seen before! We continued onward and upward into the depths of the night and into the morning…as mentioned, in true Putney Magpie fashion.

With 18 sore heads, bleary eyes and some very questionable stomachs reeling from the previous evening’s activities – the Pigs advanced upon Gosforth Park. What awaited us was a very keen Tyne Tee Tiger team (what alliteration!) and a paddock that was more marshland / mud pit than a genuine grassy playing field. The Pigs filed into the change room, reluctant to get changed due to the cold (it had started to sleet at this point) there was a moment when it looked like the boys wouldn’t make it out onto the pitch! After a quick rile up from the president, the Pigs donned their shorts and jerseys and jogged out onto the battlefield led by Upright Razorback – Bear. Literally like Pigs in mud we oinked into action – even with the driving sleet and snow in our snouts – and got away with some quick possessions and pressed towards the goal line. Within a minute the ball turned into a bar of soap and handling become a big issue. Tireless efforts on the ground from many but in particular, Statter, Gatman and Pistol really got the ball moving in the Magpies’ favour. Goal kicking was loose but the Pigs lead from start to finish. Kayno snagged two goals, Gatman, Big Horse, Tubs and Sleeping Bag all got themselves on the score sheet too.

Notable mention goes to Kizza who took a contender for Speccy of the Year – plucking it from 3 deep after it ricocheted off his bonnet! Vintage Kizza.

All in all, the Putney Magpies beat the Tyne Tee Tigers by 4 or 5 goals and sunk many a beer to celebrate winning the TigerPig trophy. Good on ya boys – fun all around.

We want to thank the Tyne Tee Tigers for giving us a good run and hosting a great afternoon on the pitch and on the beers!

To all the boys that came up for the ride; the club thanks you for your services both on and off the paddock. The morals, ethics and goals of the club are truly in a great place.

It may not be the last time we venture to the land of ‘Toon this year but followers of the club can be assured that we will aim to for the 4-peat in 2017!